“I had a Micropeel just wanted to let you know – I LOVED it! First off – It felt like I was getting a facial massage. I had no down time afterwards and had only a tiny patch of dryness/flaking. The products in the Post care kit took care of the dry patch almost immediately. My pores are clearer and I have a healthier “glow”. My skin feels smoother and so much cleaner. I can see after only one treatment how a series would make a VERY noticable difference.”

Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

I consulted with Dr. Suver for sagging skin under my eyes. Dr. Suver felt I was not a very good surgical candidate and referred my to Meilyn Urling for fractional laser resurfacing. I was very impressed with Dr. Suver's truthful assessment of my needs and outcomes. I had two laser treatments from Meilyn and am very happy with the results. The sagging has been greatly reduced and I can now look in the mirror again. I felt Meilyn and I were a team trying to achieve the best result for me through laser and skin treatment products. I plan to continue my treatments as the need arises. I highly recommend this group of professional providers.

Janet G