Do Fillers Make You Look Younger?


Oh, the joys of aging. We all know that at one point in our lives, we will start to notice a gray hair here or there, or maybe even just a few wrinkles. Aging is a natural thing that everyone experiences throughout their lifetime, but for some, they may not want to look like they are aging quite yet.

Our skin changes as we age, which means it may also dry out, lose volume, and develop wrinkles. If you are looking for a solution that makes you feel young and confident again, fillers are a great way to ensure you always look fresh and dewy. They can take years off your face. Continue scrolling to learn about the benefits fillers have, what the hype is around them, and the treatment options AK Beautiful You provides.

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What Are the Benefits of Fillers?

Fillers are a great way to enhance your youth, give you a polished-looking face, and an overall confidence boost. There are two types of fillers: Botox and facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers. Each has its own way of getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines–it all depends on your preference between the two and how fast you want to see results, and for how long.

Botox’s primary focus is preventing wrinkles and fine lines by reducing the way in which your facial muscles work. You can think of it as a pause in muscle activity over a certain period. Facial fillers work to add volume and definition to your face while also working to provide long-lasting elasticity.

Take a look at some of the benefits fillers have on your appearance:

  • Youthful looking skin
  • Long-lasting results
  • Confidence boost
  • Can help improve certain medical conditions
  • Prevents wrinkles and frown lines
  • Minimal risk
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Provides facial volume and plumpness

And more!

What Exactly Is All the Hype About?

People are going crazy for fillers due to several reasons: one being why look like you’re aging when you don’t have to? Most people don’t want to look or even feel older. Instead, they want to keep their youthful skin, and if there’s a solution in fixing that, how are more people not jumping at the idea? Fillers have been changing the way people feel about themselves and are loving the results these injectables are able to provide. Who doesn’t want flawless, plump, and polished-looking skin?

More and more people are taking advantage of facial fillers, and even lip fillers. There are endless possibilities when it comes to improving the look of your skin. Not only do fillers enhance your appearance, but they’re also safer than getting plastic or cosmetic surgery to remove problem areas.

Treatments and Solutions at AK Beautiful You

Here at AK Beautiful You, we offer a plethora of different treatment options customized just for you. If you are looking to enhance the look of your skin and appearance, we offer services such as Botox and a collection of fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Volbella, and Vollure.

Juvederm is an injectable facial filler designed to restore the volume lost in the face during the aging process. It works to decrease wrinkles and frown lines, soften facial creases, and enhance facial features such as applying volume and plumpness to desired areas like the cheekbones and lips.

Want to put a stop to aging? Well, now you can with an innovative approach to get fast, safe, beautiful results. Our team of professionals will work with you to achieve your goals and help you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

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Is Botox or Fillers Better for My Face?

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Botox and fillers may seem identical to each other, but each treatment serves a different purpose and has several different benefits. One of the most common questions were asked is whether Botox or fillers are the better choice. It really depends on your goals! In this blog, we are going to explore the different variations of each and help you choose which one is the best fit for you. 

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Botox and Facial Fillers: What Is the Difference? 

Botox and fillers are meant to enhance the appearance of your skin. You might be thinking, if they both act as the same thing and have the same outcomes, then what exactly is the difference? 

Botox, also known as Botulinum toxin, is used as a medical or cosmetic enhancement. Botox works to eliminate unwanted wrinkles and excessive skin on the face, and it is used to treat other medical conditions. When you think of Botox, you think of tightening of the face. You will most likely see someone get Botox if they are starting to notice saggy skin, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, eyebrows, or are just looking to give their skin a more youthful appearance.  

Facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are used to prevent aging of the skin and adjust certain facial features, similar to Botox. The most common facial fillers, or dermal fillers, use hyaluronic acid (HA), such as Juvederm. The difference between Botox and Juvederm is that Botox focuses on preventing fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing muscle activity in your face. Juvederm works to add volume and “plumpness” and improve facial elasticity.

What Are the Benefits of Each? 

There are many benefits in using injectable Botox and facial fillers. Both of them work to achieve the same look and result, but each of them has their own different advantages. Lets take a look at them.

The Benefits of Botox 

  • More self-confidence 
  • Aging the way you’ve always envisioned 
  • An increase in self-esteem 
  • Helps fix several medical conditions such as migraines and TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Prevents wrinkles from forming
  • Specifically addresses forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines (not lines/wrinkles caused by sun damage or gravity) Botox targets wrinkles caused by movement and muscle activation
  • Results last generally from 3-4 months 

The Benefits of Facial Fillers 

  • Confidence boosting
  • Instant and immediate results 
  • There is a short recovery time. It can take a week or more for swelling to go down and results to show
  • Results last about 3 months – 2 years depending on the product you opt to use 
  • Adds volume and targets other areas of the face (like lips, cheeks, and chin) 
  • Minimally invasive 

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Which One Should I Choose? 

This all comes down to which one you prefer. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing which treatment you would like done to enhance the structure and features of your face. The key factor youll want to consider is knowing which wrinkles or desired areas you want treated and how. If you are leaning more towards Botox, this means it will eliminate and reduce wrinkle motion and visibility. If you leaning more towards getting facial or dermal fillers, this will work to plump up your skin, such as in your cheeks, lips, and areas around the mouth or wherever loss of fullness is found. 

Give Your Skin a More Youthful Look 

If you are still questioning whether Botox or facial or dermal fillers are the right fit for you, look no further. AK Beautiful You offers only the finest brands and treatment options specifically designed and customized for you and any skin condition you may have. We want you to know we are here to help you achieve the best possible results. 

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How Do I Get Rid of Wrinkles on My Face?


Everyone gets at least a few wrinkles on their face, and while fine lines can be a beautiful mark of aging, we understand that you want to have them on your own terms. There are many types of wrinkles that can show up on your face over time, from smile lines and crow’s feet to forehead lines and deep folds.

Many factors cause wrinkles, including the facial expressions you frequently make, sun exposure, your skin routine, gravity, and just about everything else. If you want methods to remove wrinkles and fine lines that actually work, AK Beautiful You can help. Our certified clinicians in Alaska have a few tricks up their sleeves for helping you reduce and prevent face wrinkles.


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What Types of Wrinkles Are There?

While wrinkles and fine lines are an inevitable part of aging, everyone gets them at different times and places. Your lifestyle and genes have a big impact on how your skin ages and the different types of wrinkles you can get are caused by varying factors.

  • Expression Lines: These wrinkles typically form around the eyes and mouth. Making the same facial expressions, whether smiles or frowns, engages your facial muscles and leads to creases in the skin.
  • Gravitational Wrinkles: We may take gravity for granted, but this force of nature never stops having an effect on your skin. It causes your facial tissues to deflate, which can lead to deep, sagging wrinkles, like droopy eyelids or lower face jowls.
  • Compression Wrinkles: Also called sleep wrinkles, these lines are caused by your face being squished up against a surface for extended periods of time. People most often get these from how they lay against their pillows.
  • Crinkle Lines: Crinkle lines appear on the skin when its natural elasticity is lost, often due to skin stress. Sun exposure is the main reason these wrinkles form, but they can also be caused by radiation therapy or smoking. This breakdown of elastin can also cause atrophic wrinkles, which are deep furrows that form on the forehead.
  • Dry Wrinkles: Your skin needs moisture to stay supple and full. Dehydrated skin can lose some of its elastin and collagen levels, leading to dry, rough skin that is prone to facial lines.

What Cosmetic Treatments Can Help Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

The right type of cosmetic treatment for wrinkles depends on the cause and location of the lines. The best place to start is a consultation with one of our clinicians. We can create a treatment plan that is customized to your needs. We may recommend one or more of the following professional services to get the results you’re looking for:

  • Botox: Botox is an FDA-approved, highly effective treatment for wrinkles that relaxes the muscles in the face. This treatment is especially beneficial for addressing expression lines. It can also prevent more fine lines from appearing.
  • Microdermabrasion: This skin resurfacing treatment can completely revamp your skin and improve its texture. It is an effective option for removing fine lines, especially those caused by sun damage and dryness.
  • Non-ablative Fractional Laser: Our clinicians can use a special, FDA-approved fractional laser to stimulate healing and boost collagen growth. This helps reduce fine lines, in addition to minimizing age spots, scars, and other marks on the face.
  • Dermal Fillers: Facial fillers, like Juvéderm, can help restore volume. Whether you want to plump up your lips or fill in your cheeks, a boost of hyaluronic acid can help.


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What Stops Your Skin From Aging?


Everyone wishes their skin could stay supple and youthful forever, but it is natural for your skin to change as you age. Factors like genetics, sun exposure, and diet all have an effect on how your skin ages, and you may notice changes in elasticity, texture, and thickness over time.

If you’re concerned about wrinkles, sunken cheeks, fine lines, or age spots, there is no time better than now to start age defying skin treatments. Your habits and behaviors in your younger years affect the health and appearance of your skin years in the future. It’s never too late to start giving your skin the TLC it needs to look radiant in your golden years.

Remember that everyone’s skin is different. While some people may be more concerned about volume loss, others may have issues with uneven skin tone, sun damage, or wrinkles. The best way to start is by scheduling a consultation with our certified clinicians at AK Beautiful You. Our team can help identify the right anti-aging treatments for helping you achieve smooth, full, and beautiful skin.

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How To Keep Your Skin From Aging

While it may seem that aging skin is inevitable, there are several steps you can take to help preserve your skin’s youthfulness:

  1. Always wear sunscreen. Any time you step outdoors, apply sunscreen to any uncovered skin and invest in sun-protective clothing to prevent damage from UV rays. Use a face moisturizer with an SPF 30 or higher during the day — even when it’s cold or cloudy outside.
  2. Avoid tanning. If you want a golden tan in the summer, consider applying a self-tanner instead of sunbathing or using a tanning bed.
  3. Exercise and eat well. A healthy diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and regular exercise do more than keep your body slim and fit — they keep your skin supple and radiant for longer too.
  4. Use gentle cleansers and moisturizer every day. Implement a skincare routine that includes a gentle cleanser twice a day, weekly or biweekly exfoliation, and a facial moisturizer to promote hydration.
  5. Stop smoking and limit alcohol. Smoking and regularly consuming alcohol can dehydrate your skin, increase wrinkles, dull your complexion, and cause damage that speeds up the aging process.

Top Age Defying Skin Treatments

In addition to making changes to your everyday lifestyle, getting skin treatments from a qualified clinician in Anchorage makes a significant difference in your overall appearance. Depending on your condition, these treatments can help restore your youth.

Facial Fillers

If you’re concerned about smile lines or wrinkles, facial fillers, like Juvéderm, can make a difference. These injectable fillers can also plump your lips and cheeks by adding hyaluronic acid to areas that look sunken.


Also injected into the skin, Botox reduces smile lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around the eyebrows and forehead. These marks are often left behind due to repetitive facial expressions. Botox temporarily paralyzes and relaxes these muscles, helping diminish existing lines and preventing new ones from appearing. Our expert team at Ak Beautiful You includes Sara Dunlap, RN, who is Alaska’s leading injector in Botox. You can visit her Instagram page to see her work and preview what she could achieve for you.

Chemical Peels

Hyperpigmentation caused by age spots or skin damage can be addressed with an anti-aging chemical peel. This treatment can be used on various parts of the body, including the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and back for a more even skin tone.


This minimally invasive treatment resurfaces the skin to help address scars, wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, and more. Microdermabrasion can be combined with a chemical peel for more dramatic results.

Photo Rejuvenation Facial

By using intense pulsed light therapy, our clinicians at AK Beautiful You can help you achieve natural-looking, beautiful skin without surgery or needles. This treatment can help reduce several symptoms of aging, including age spots.


This age defying skin treatment removes the top layers of skin, which consists of dead skin cells, to unveil healthy, more youthful skin underneath. Dermaplaning effectively minimizes wrinkles and gives the face a smoother appearance.

Rediscover Your Youth

With the right lifestyle and treatment plan in place, you can achieve more youthful-looking skin at any age. With our team of experts in Anchorage, Alaska, you’re sure to love the results.

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Best Treatments To Plump Your Lips and Cheeks


Plump, pouty lips and full cheeks can give your face a more youthful and refreshed appearance. While age, lack of sleep, genetics, and other factors can cause the skin around your cheeks and lips to lose volume, there are several treatments that can give you the boost you’re looking for. For fuller lips and fuller cheeks, here are the best options according to the certified clinicians at AK Beautiful You in Anchorage.

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What Causes Facial Volume Loss?

People begin to lose skin volume with age due to a natural decrease in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Many people notice less fat around the jaw, cheeks, and mouth. This loss of fat cells, decreased moisture retention, and decreased elasticity may cause people to have features that appear sunken and weary. Similarly, even people with the plumpest lips will notice their lips start to become thinner with age.

How Can Facial Fillers Help With Fuller Lips and Cheeks?

Injectable dermal fillers, like the Juvéderm® collection of fillers, are a popular choice for people of all ages looking to generally plump up their cheeks and lips or to restore volume due to age-related causes. This solution is minimally invasive, relying on a small needle to inject treatments into targeted areas instead of more extensive surgical procedures.

Most facial fillers apply hyaluronic acid to specific areas of the skin to help create a more full and lifted appearance. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that is naturally produced by the body. It offers several benefits, such as keeping the skin moisturized and well hydrated.

Juvéderm® Fillers

The Juvéderm® collection is the most popular type of dermal filler on the market, which can be administered safely by our certified clinicians at AK Beautiful You. The products from this line can instantly plump the lips, add volume to the cheeks, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lessen the appearance of scars, and more.

For lip enhancement, we use Juvéderm Volbella® XC and Juvéderm® Ultra XC. Both products are designed to deliver results that last for up to a year and can make the lips feel and look fuller. The Ultra® filler offers a more dramatic plumping effect, while Volbella® is used to subtly increase lip volume and minimize lines on and around the mouth.

Juvéderm Voluma® XC is the ideal product for adding cheek volume. It can also be used on the chin to add definition. This filler is an effective combatant against midface volume loss.

Restylane® Fillers

Restylane® fillers also use hyaluronic acid to enhance the lips and face. You have several options for plumping the lips, including Restylane®, Restylane® Kysse, and Restylane® Silk. For adding volume to the cheeks, Restylane® Lyft is the most popular option from this collection.

Are There Risks to Facial Fillers for the Lips and Cheeks?

Most adults can benefit from facial fillers, and the procedure is relatively low risk and non-invasive. Both Juvéderm® and Restylane® are designed for clients older than 21, should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding, and are not suitable for people with an allergy to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine (which is used in some products as a local anesthetic). People with severe skin allergies, bleeding disorders, pigmentations disorders, or skin scarring may not be eligible for treatment and should consult with a clinician first.

Most people are very happy with the results of their dermal filler treatment and experience little to no discomfort. It is not uncommon to experience some redness, bruising, itching, or swelling, which can last for up to two weeks. In rare cases, infection, blood vessel injury, or lumps can occur.

If you want full cheeks and lips, Sara Dunlap has years of experience in helping people safely achieve beautiful skin they feel comfortable in. She is Alaska’s leading injector of Juvéderm® and can help recommend the best treatment for your cosmetic needs.

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Boost Your Confidence by Treating Sensitive Skin

Medical spas can treat sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a common issue experienced by men and women alike. It can be especially troublesome to find a skincare routine that doesn’t cause your skin to flare up. You might feel like no matter what you do, your skin will end up blotchy, tight, dry, and altogether uncomfortable. Though scented lotions and frilly bath bombs may never be on your side, there is still hope for achieving the wonderfully smooth, radiant skin of your dreams!

Customizing the right treatment plan for your skin will allow you to work around the root cause of your sensitive skin and uncover a more confident you in no time. Read on to discover reasons your skin may be overly reactive and how to accommodate it in order to achieve your natural glow.

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Common Causes of Sensitive Skin

Not all sensitive skin is made the same. There are various reasons your skin may be acting up, but they all fall within two categories: objective and subjective.

Objective signs include physical changes that are able to be observed such as redness, swelling, rashes or acne. Subjective symptoms encompass uncomfortable feelings such as itching, burning or pain on the skin. Both are equally bothersome, but equally treatable! Before finding your ideal treatment, let’s talk about a few common reasons most people experience sensitive skin.


Clogged pores: we all get them, but some more than others. If you struggle with chronic acne, it’s possible you’ve tried what feels like every topical cream known to man, and nothing seems to do the trick.


It’s one thing to have pesky seasonal allergies, and another to have topical skin reactions such as hives and eczema every time you encounter pollen. When your skin breaks out in an allergic reaction, your body tries to protect itself by releasing T-cells, which can lead to redness and itching.


Rosacea is a skin condition that causes flushing and redness in the center of your face. With Rosacea, you typically can’t tolerate a variety of skin products and may even notice environmental triggers like sun exposure or temperature extremes.

Dry Skin

As Alaskans, it’s safe to say we are all familiar with dry skin. Dry winter air can be enough to trigger a skin sensitivity as it causes an irritating itch that can potentially put you at risk for developing another skin condition.

Renewing Your Sensitive Skin

Regardless of the cause, there are treatment options available that help reveal your radiant, fresh complexion. At AK Beautiful You, our licensed professionals will discuss your skin conditions with you and create a customized plan to meet your unique skin needs. Our highly effective sensitive skin treatments include photo rejuvenation, chemical peels and dermaplaning.

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Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat skin conditions such as rosacea, superficial blood vessels, sunspots or age spots and other signs of aging. This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment is quick and effective in improving your skin’s overall appearance and quality.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to remove damaged skin cells, uncovering healthy, glowing skin underneath. They can be used to treat things such as acne scars, uneven skin tone or redness, wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, and more. Your chemical peel will be tailored to meet your individual needs.


Dermaplaning is a painless and non-invasive procedure that removes the dead surface skin, leaving you with a radiantly smooth complexion. This treatment is a form of manual exfoliation, which is great for those with sensitive skin!

Anchorage’s Best Sensitive Skin Treatments

AK Beautiful You is home of the most highly skilled sensitive skin professionals in Anchorage, Alaska. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your best possible results. Everyone should feel confident in their skin, and we’re here to help you do just that! If you’re looking to renew your sensitive skin before summer, our team can help you find the perfect, confidence-boosting treatment that meets your skin’s unique needs.

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Now Is the Best Time To Start Laser Hair Reduction

Try laser hair reduction in Anchorage

The days are getting longer and summer is getting closer by the day. If you know anything about hair reduction, you know that the options are endless. From shaving, waxing, sugaring, creams, plucking, threading, the list goes on forever. With many options, hair removal can be a temporary success, until it grows back in three days and you’re stuck in the endless cycle that is hair removal.

Well, we’re here to put an end to your hair troubles once and for all. Laser hair reduction is the only option that has permanent results. AKA, your one-way ticket to a long-term hair reduction life. Say hello to the ultimate shorts summer. If you’ve been thinking about laser hair reduction, now is the time to get started.

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What Is Laser Hair Reduction?

There are so many reasons why people choose to have laser hair reduction. Beyond just making you silky smooth everywhere, laser hair reduction can also aid in painful ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and skin irritation. During the procedure, a technician will use a laser that exposes your hair follicles to pulses of light so that they can be destroyed. This is a popular permanent solution that many people choose to do because of problem areas or rapid hair growth on the body.

Since laser hair reduction uses a high amount of light on a small area of skin, people usually choose to get smaller areas of their body treated. Underarms, upper lips, bikini lines, are the most popular areas that we treat. The procedure is highly effective with long-term effects.

How Laser Hair Reduction Works

The laser hair reduction process is pretty simple. Here at AK Beautiful You, we specialize in using the Icon Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System. This revolutionary process provides treatment beyond the technology of traditional Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems. The Icon System allows us to treat most skin and hair types. IPL works by emitting a pulse of light into the hair follicles, safely heating and disabling the cells responsible for hair growth, and permanently “reducing” hair production. We recommend five treatments for successful results, which are usually done at intervals or four to 12 weeks.

What To Expect at Your Appointment

Before each appointment, you’ll need to make sure the areas being treated are clean shaven. This will maximize the effectiveness of the laser and reduce the risk of any minor burns. Many clients describe the experience as feeling like having rubber bands snapped against your skin. The discomfort is very minor. However, as the amount of hair is reduced over time, the sensation will become more and more tolerable.

After your first appointment, it may take anywhere from two to three weeks to see the first signs of a difference. Once you’ve completed all your treatments, you’ll notice a significant change. It’s really important to be consistent with your appointments, because each hair follicle is at a different stage of growth. You need to make sure each follicle has been lasered effectively to ensure permanent reduction.

After each appointment, it’s normal to see some small red bumps and feel some heat in the treated area. You can treat the area with ice to reduce any discomfort, but it should be minimal.

Always Choose a Professional

If you’re considering laser hair reduction, it’s important that you choose a medical spa with a great reputation and experienced clinicians to ensure the treatment is administered correctly and effectively. Here at AK Beautiful You, our clinicians are able to advise you on all your beauty needs, from laser hair reduction to Botox, Juvéderm’s collection of fillers, chemical peels, and more. Our goal is to help you look as good as you feel to make you feel happy and confident for the summer season.

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What Is a Good Age To Get Botox for the First Time?

Experts recommend starting Botox in your late 20s or early 30s

Botox is a protein that can block certain chemical signals from traveling along the nerves, causing the muscles of the face to relax, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s approved for use in people aged 18 and older, but most clinicians agree the best time to start using it is in your late 20s or early 30s. That might sound early, but it’s a great way to protect your skin while it’s still naturally youthful and stop deep lines from developing in the first place.

Does Botox Make You Look Younger?

The right age to get Botox will vary from person to person and it’s a careful balance. If you start too young, the effect may make you look older than you really are; if you wait too long, your wrinkles will start to develop. It’s important to discuss your decision to start Botox with an expert injector.

Take AK Beautiful You, for example. Our injector, Sara Dunlap, is the number one Botox and Juvéderm injector in the state of Alaska. She’s a registered nurse with almost 20 years of experience working with clients to achieve their cosmetic goals and achieve natural-looking results. She has worked with thousands of clients during this time and her practice grows year after year.

Something she says often, which we think is good to keep in mind, is this: “If you think it’s expensive to be injected by an expert, wait until you’re injected by an amateur.” Botox isn’t the kind of thing where you want to look to save money, because the cost to fix bad work often exceeds the cost of getting a perfect result the first time around. Do your research and choose someone you trust.

How Should I Choose a Botox Injector?

There are two main things to keep in mind when choosing a Botox injector.

The first is their reviews. Visit their website, Google profile, or Facebook profile, and see what others say about their work. That’s one of the beautiful things about the internet: people will say exactly what they think, so you’ll be able to get a picture of what you can expect when you visit.

The second is their portfolio. All professional injectors will have a portfolio of their work, so you can see how often they perform a particular type of procedure and what results they get. Sara, for example, has a public Instagram page where you can see all of her most recent work. You can see lots of before-and-after shots, with a description of what was done, to learn about the process.

How Often Should I Get Botox?

Botox is not permanent. The effects usually last for about three or four months, but it depends on your facial muscles. Everyone is slightly different, so it’s important to check in with your injector and develop a personalized treatment plan. This will ensure your wrinkles go away and stay away.

Usually, the first dose will be low, just so your injector can see how you react. If that goes well, they will increase the dose, which will create a more noticeable effect. Different parts of your face may require different amounts of Botox – for example, you may have crow’s feet that are deeper than your smile lines or the furrows on your forehead. Talk to your injector about your vision.

How Does Botox Affect Your Face?

Botox relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles when they contract. It essentially functions as a non-surgical face-lift, because it can be done in a short appointment and can take years off your face. It’s also much more common than you might think. If you’ve ever looked at someone and marvelled at how dewy and worry-free her face is, there’s a reasonable chance she invested in Botox early.

It’s important to note that Botox won’t leave you expressionless. It’s injected into specific muscles, forcing them to relax, but it leaves all the surrounding muscles with full function. You’ll be able to smile, frown, laugh, cry, and express a range of emotions – you’ll just look a few years younger!

Where Can I Get Botox?

If you’re interested in getting Botox for the first time, we welcome you to make an appointment to come and see Sara. You can call us at (907) 313-6987 or email us at

Best Botox and Juvéderm Clinic in Alaska

Best Botox and Juvederm Clinic in Alaska

Though we all love a good giggle, all those years of beaming grins to full on belly-laughs can really take a toll on our skin. So naturally, as we age, our face follows suit. And although our wrinkles usually reflect happy times, they often make us look a little tired or flat. It’s really common to feel like your fine lines don’t reflect how vibrant, youthful, and energetic you actually feel inside!

Luckily, we’re here to help take years off your look and make it appear completely natural. When you come to visit the AK Beautiful You team in Anchorage, our clinicians will talk to you about your desired look and assess the natural contours of your face to recommend the best course of treatment. Our goal is to lift your look so you can feel like the best version of yourself. After all, professional skin care isn’t noticeable, it’s beautiful – just ask our many happy clients.

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Meet Alaska’s Most Trusted Injector

Sara Dunlap, RN, is AK Beautiful You’s expert in beauty injections. She’s the #1 Botox and Juvéderm injector in Alaska, AND recognized by Allergen, the makers of Botox and Juvéderm, as one of their top 500 accounts. She takes a huge amount of pride in her work, which you can view here.

With all of this credibility, her patients also rave about her professionalism, experience and compassion in the medical spa industry. She’s gained her amazing reputation by going the extra mile with patients by explaining and educating them on each and every product she uses beforehand. Your happiness is her top priority, so she will do everything she can to make you comfortable.

What Is Botox?

Botox is one of the most effective, widely used, and successful treatments for targeting moderate to severe smile lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. These lines are caused by repetitive facial movements that end up strengthening your facial muscles over time and eventually leaving a visible line between the muscle fibers.

Not only does Botox soften fine lines and wrinkles, but it can help prevent wrinkles from setting in in the first place. This is why it’s such a popular treatment. These simple injections are highly effective in boosting the confidence you have in your own skin. Though the primary use for Botox is for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and enhance your beauty, it’s also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms, excessive sweating, an overactive bladder, lazy eyes and chronic migraines.

What Is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a powerful and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment referred to as a facial filler, and is made with a base of hyaluronic acid: a naturally occurring substance in our skin and connective tissue. It’s used mainly for the purpose of creating significant improvements in the face by replacing volume loss, or adding volume to a specific area. For instance, if you weren’t born with full lips or high cheekbones, fillers can be used to add volume to these desired areas.

In addition to plumping the skin, Juvéderm’s hyaluronic acid ingredient helps to create more collagen where injected and retain water to keep your tissues well hydrated. It can even be used to minimize facial scars from acne or trauma.

For both Botox and Juvéderm treatments, a consultation is always a great place to start. Sara Dunlap at AK Beautiful You will discuss with you what your desired result is, examine your unique facial characteristics and underlying bone structure and give a thorough explanation of the dermal fillers available and how they can help you bring your facial features back to their youthful glory!

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Are You Worried About Your Smile Lines?

Smile lines

Smile lines are wrinkles that develop around the sides of your mouth. They’re a result of a rich and happy life, but they deepen a lot as we age, which can add years to your face.

There are two main types: smile lines, which run from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and marionette lines, which run from the corners of the mouth to the chin. Their development and depth depend on a number of factors, such as your genetics, sun exposure, smoking status, and facial expressions. However, they’re also a very natural part of ageing.

This is due to something called the malar fat pad, which is the plump tissue that gives our cheeks their shape. When we’re young, it sits nice and high along our cheekbones, but it naturally moves downwards over time. Combined with natural muscle shrinkage, and loss of skin elasticity, it causes deep facial folds that can make us look tired and sad instead of fresh and happy.

It’s ironic, considering they’re caused by all of life’s laugh-out-loud moments!

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How Do I Get Rid of Smile Lines?

The best way to treat smile lines is with injectable facial fillers. Juvéderm is a very popular brand type of injectable dermal filler made with a base of hyaluronic acid, which is a type of substance naturally found in our bodies that keeps our skin looking plump. It has a product called Voluma, it’s thickest and strongest gel, which is really effective at targeting severe folds such as smile lines. It’s minimally invasive and is a great way to treat facial volume loss.

You should always ensure your injectables are administered by a certified and experienced clinician. They will be able to assess your unique facial characteristics, including your underlying bone structure, to ensure you’re given an appropriate dose to achieve a dewy, natural-looking result that heals as quickly as possible. Fillers generally don’t require much downtime, but you may wish to take the afternoon off from work so you can let the swelling go down.

Here at AK Beautiful You, our injector, Sara Dunlap, is a registered nurse. She’s Alaska’s top injector, and has helped hundreds of people achieve their dream results, with a portfolio to prove it. She has a saying that sums it up perfectly: “If you think it’s expensive to be injected by an expert, wait until you’re injected by an amateur.” It pays to do your research!

What’s the Best Way To Prevent Smile Lines?

Preventing smile lines is similar to preventing aging skin, fine lines, and other wrinkles. Take care of your skin! Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so you’ll need to look after your health from the inside out to ensure you always look as good as you feel. And remember, when it comes to getting professional skin care, prevention is always better than a cure!

Here are five simple steps you can proactively take to look after your skin:

  • Sunblock: Protect your skin from harmful UV radiation with a good daily sunblock.
  • Hydration: Dewy, youthful skin starts with drinking plenty of water every day.
  • Nutrients: A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and fatty fish and nuts will help you glow.
  • Sleep: Proper rest is essential to maintaining bright and fresh-looking skin.
  • Prevention: There are a range of treatments you can get to manage the early signs of aging, such as Botox, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion and dermaplaning.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and smile lines are a natural part of the process. However, if you want to add a little life back into your face and minimize the severity of your smile lines, come and see our friendly team. Our professional skin care isn’t noticeable, it’s beautiful.

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